What has been done...?

March 2018
Started to do some work again after months of downtime because of the API.

March 2016
Major Announcement: Added secure Youtube-Authentification.

22. 3. 2016
Updated the search function for Youtube's new API version. It works!

21. 3. 2016
Updated the playlist functionalities again - Playlist add does work now!

Jan 2016
Working on a version for medium screens (tablet portrait, large smartphone)

16. 1. 2016
Re-engineered the playlist functionalities - Playlist add does work again!

May 2015
(Youtube disables the feed-functions of their v2 API. Playlist doesn't work.)

12. 3. 2015
Add spacebar shortcut to play/pause the player.

6. 3. 2015
Add Randomize feature to shuffle the playlist.

5. 3. 2015
Add Youtube-Playlist-Import feature (first version).

Feb 2015
Add Bootstrap Design.
Change Google SWFPlayer API to YouTube's new Player API.
Add persistent playlist-storage feature.

24. 2. 2015
Launch on the domain.

Jan & Feb 2015
Start of brainstorming and testing for YouTube Music Player WebApp.

Yes, it's a beta-version. Have fun

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